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Adoption Of Son

January 20, 2009

Nowadays, child adoption has become a sort of fashion. Every one would like to imitate, what Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie did. It is really a good practise for the welfare of the world, provided it’s done in a true spirit. A funny story comes to my mind about adoption of a son.

A man, who had immense wealth, not being blesed with a son, was quite anxious to adopt a son who would inherit all his wealth. When his desire for adoption became known, many candidates called at his house, and each of them related the merits he possesed and the advantages, the wealthy man would derive by adopting him.

One of the candidates was an octogenarian who not only had a son but a grand son as well. The rich man and others seated with him,  expressed their surprise that such an old man wanted to be adopted, when the old man appeared for the interview.

The old man however, said, “Sir,if you adopt me as your son, you will not have to worry for three generations to come, for I am a great grandfather in the direct line.”

So, what do you say about this adoption of Son?

If Friends Are Out Of Your Sight, Are They Out Of Your Mind

January 18, 2009

Friends and friendship are something that everyone cherishes in his or her life. We start making friends at every stage of our life. It starts with making friends at school level, then college level and then at workplaces, when we get employed.

At every stage of life, we need friends, not only this, we need true friends. Most of the people say that childhood friends are the ones who never move out of their memories.

It reminds me of an Indian story based on Hindu God, Sri Krishna.

The story goes like this that once Sri Krishna was playing with his boyfriends. They were dancing together , and some of them were holding his hands as he danced. He suddenly snatched away his hands, ran away into the woods and disappeared. In ancient India, people used to live in forests and woods.

The friends of Sri Krishna however, shouted, “Krishna, you have no doubt run away from our midst but you can never run away from our hearts, for you are always enshrined there as our friend.”

Sri Krishna was an example of true friendship. Is such a friendship possible in these modern times? I may doubt, even if there are, their number is very less.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Friends are beauty of life. Let us cherish true friendship.

All Are Intellectuals, But What Is Unpractical Intellectuality?

January 17, 2009

In this information age, there is no dearth of intellectuals around you. Observing many intellectuals around me, one story comes to my mind, which I want to share with you.

Two friends once went out to see a mango orchard.On entering the garden, they saw many beautiful creepers, fine tress full of ripe fruits, and well-grown plants.

One of these two friends had a calculating mind, considered himself as a great intellectual, he went on counting the number of leaves and the number of branches on each tree and the number of fruits and so forth.

The other friend who was an epicure, went to a tree, which had ripe fruits and started plucking and eating them to his heart’s content.

Meanwhile, the gardener appeared from nowhere and saw the two men in his garden. He came near to them and asked them to leave the garden immediately.

The second friend, who had eaten as many mangoes as he could eat, left immediately, while as the one who was counting trees and their branches, the intellectual one, was hesitant to leave the garden because he had not finished his calculation of trees and their branches.

The gardener had to forcefully throw him out of his garden.

So, I hope you can now understand the meaning of unpractical intellectuality.

What Is Selfishness And What Is Unselfishness?

January 6, 2009

Selfishness is thinking about ourselves first. He who thinks, “I will eat first, I will have moe money than others, and I will possess everything.” The selfish man also thinks, ” I will get to heaven before others, I will get salvation before others.”

An unselfish man says, ” I will be the last, I do not care to go to heaven, I will even go to hell if by doing so I can help my brothers.”

The above definitions of selfishness of unselfishness are not easy to digest for everyone. And very rarely found in today’s world however, still there are people who attempt to go this way. Let me tell you one Indian story.

One rich man had a beautiful garden where two men were employed to take care of it. One of these gardeners was very lazy and did not work however, when his owner would come to the garden, this lazy gardener would get up and fold his arms in a typical Indian way and say, “How beautiful is the face of my master( the owner),” and dance before him.

The other gardener would not talk much, but would work hard, and produce all sorts of fruits and vegetables which he would carry on his head to his owner who lived a long way off. Of these two gardeners, who would be the more beloved to the master (owner)?

Ofcourse, the latter one, because his actions speak more than his words. You may find many such flatterers like the former gardener around you. So, beware of them.

Resolving To Succeed-Your NewYear Resolution

January 3, 2009

Someone great has remarked, ” As I grow older I find that I look more and more for greatness in little things. I want to know what a great man eats and wears, and how he speaks to his servants. I want to find a Sir Philip Sidney greatness!Few men would remember the thirst of others, even in the moment of death. But anyone will be great in a great position!Even the coward will grow brave in the glare of the footlights. The world looks on.”

So, how to become great? How to become a kind of ‘rock star”? When you turn your attention within, you may come up with questions like, “Will the New Year be an occassion to get on to this journey? Isn’t it already too late?

Most of the people do the same thing every year, like a popular new year resolution, “Giving up smoking? I have given it up several times.” A good number of well meaning people however, keep searching for occassions to make resolutions for self-change and New Year is just one such occassion.

Let me tell you a story.

One scientist was experimenting in his laboratory and had done already 1000 experiments. But none of them had worked so far. Someone asked him, “Aren’t you discouraged at your all unsuccessful attempts?Isn’t it a waste of your efforts”?

Do you know what was the reply of this scientist. He said, ” There is nothing wasted. I have discovered 1000 things that won’t work”.

Like this scientist, you may have come across thousands of things in your life that won’t work. The moot point is how we react to our failures. I wish our New Year resolution should be to garner as much mental strength as this scientist had.

We should cultivate that, ‘never-say-die’ attitude while dealing with life’s challenges? This is my New Year Resolution. What is your New Year Resolution?

Welcome To The Writing Leaf

January 2, 2009

What’s writing leaf? It is my personal blog where I am writing about writing. This century is rightly called as information age where you can get your desired information with just a click of a mouse. How is this information created? This information is created by content developers.

In this blog, I will write about nitty gritty of online wiriting. Words have great power and even more power is in thoughts. I hope you will agree with my thoughts, which I am going to convey you through this leaf, and on ocassions when you disagree, I will be more than happy to hear you.

So, welcome to the writing leaf.